Front-End Expert Developer

Ref. FeExp02

As a proactive and smart Front-End Web Developer, you will be part of an Agile team that is focused on the delivery and implementation of world-class digital media components for the Deltatre Online solutions. The team operates on a big football related project and his composed by 10 people working with Scrum and it's geographically distributed between Turin and Europe (Poland, Hungary, France, UK). You will give your contribution to the front-end development side, but base knowledge of the back-end is more than appreciated and will allow you to be versatile and to learn new things starting from your existent tech knowledge.

Required Skills

  • First and foremost, you need a great attitude and need to enjoy what you do!
  • Good knowledge and experience in developing C#/Java and consuming Rest APIs
  • Advanced JavaScript, CSS3 & HTML5 development skills
  • Experience with CSS processors (Sass or LESS)
  • Knowledge of jQuery and ReactJS
  • Knowledge of Razor view-engine
  • JS build systems (e.g. grunt/gulp)
  • Experience with JavaScript debugging
  • Expertise with responsive web sites and mobile rendering (tablets/smartphones)
  • Experience working in an Agile environment
  • Fluent verbal and written English is mandatory.

What else would make me stand out?

  • Experience with React/JSX
  • ECMA 6 knowledge
  • Experience with BDD/Unit testing in web environment
  • Knowledge of Bootstrap

Recruitment Process:
Interested candidates are invited to send their data and curriculum vitae by filling a specific application form that will collect all the relevant information and will allow to upload a CV file (in DOC or PDF format), preferably along with a passport-like photo (in JPG format).

Please, read carefully the instructions provided in the introductory page of the application form before proceeding with filling it.
For your convenience, the application form is available in both English and Italian languages.

Go to the application form  >>

Notice: The application form requires the Silverlight plug-in to be installed on your computer; if the plug-in is not present, you will be able to install it from the Microsoft web site in a few clicks.